Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7th already. Praises.

Cory and Eli's trip went OK and both remain thankful we do NOT live in Port. Traffic was near gridlock on some roads when Cory did some shopping during Eli's test.

Eli reports that the test went 'OK'. Our calm child.

One of the groups that Cory brought plants and trees for did not make their meeting point. Thankfully the Lord arranged that the couple who generously hosted them on Friday night offered to provide the delivery. 

Anna and I made lots of memories during the weekend but sadly managed to zap a part of the washing machine due to our lack of understanding of the electrical system. 

Starfruit that Warsaw team helped plant.
After the local electrician found the part he thinks fried, Cory found it on-line and ordered 2 since shipping costs more than the $1.60 part. Praying it gets here fast and works.

Cory and the guys planted a couple hundred breadfruit cuttings and about 80 seedling bilimbi trees. 

Thankful to worship with our Haitian church celebrating with them 6 new additions to the Lord's family!

Baby bilimbi trees
Bilimbi, a cousin to Starfruit tastes very sour so other than using it to show the sweetening powers of Miracle fruit or as a lime substitute we rarely used the fruit. 

Now we hear that the local folks harvest the fruit so it no longer rots on the ground, mixing it with other juice and using them in cooking. So time to start propagating. Since there are hundreds of tiny trees under the big tree they transplanted those into nursery bags. 

Over three inches of rain last night will help the plants and trees grow.

Eli and Anna did well with only a part-time teacher but now I'm back. We're working hard the next couple of weeks to pull up some subjects that lag behind our schedule before we leave for missionary retreat on the 19th.

I'm also happy to report that I've compiled our curriculum list for our next school year and plan to order the non-Kindle items this week. We plan to start our new year in July as we do not yet know when we will visit the USA. 

The lack of rain this winter resulted in a bumper mango crop on campus. Did you know that dogs like the sweet Fransic mangos but rarely eat other mangos? 

We made a recipe of mango chutney and Cory spiced up his 1/2. I like it on crackers with cheese!  Easy to make and most fruits can be used to make chutney [a type of fruit relish] 

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Missus Wookie said...

Had a mango and star fruit in my fruit & veg box the other day. Made delicious smoothies :)