Sunday, May 18, 2014

Flag Day on LaGonave

Friday's trip to LaGonave went well. Cory dropped the three of us off at the ferry, brought our truck to the Ortlip Center and then came back to the boat dock on a public tap tap. We waited a while for the boat to finish loading.

The best part of the trip occurred near the middle when a large pod of dolphins jumped along both sides of the ferry. Eli and Anna do not remember seeing them before when they were little, and we rarely saw them when we lived on LaGonave and crossed more often.

Friday night we celebrated with the missionary family with cake and ice cream for one of the couple's completion of a term.

They will not be returning to Haiti. Thankful to connect once more with these dear folks as we were here in 2007 when they came on their first short term team trip.

LaGonave will miss them.

Saturday Cory met with WISH and Starfysh to discuss and make future plans for the agricultural work.

A good meeting and with a plan in hand Cory and WISH folks will meet briefly with the local staff tomorrow morning to let them know about some changes.

Nice to see some beds and equipment in the new hospital but would be better to see it being used. Please continue to pray for this transition.

Visiting the old hospital to greet friends I noted that almost every bed contained a patient.

Many people suffering from a new mosquito born virus that causes high fevers and joint pain.

After the meeting our family, along with Rob, Michele and the boys will cross the sea on the Wesleyana to attend Missionary retreat.

Eli and Anna spent as much time as possible the last few days with the boys, enjoying spending time with ex-patriate children their ages.

Always good to return and see some of our friends again. Today after church and saying good-byes we watched some of the groups performing for Haiti's Flag Day.

Years ago we brought Eli and Anna to the town square to see the celebration. Living out in the country we don't see big celebrations like todays.

 Also nice to see new improvements and changes like the transformation of the old guest house into pharmacy storage.

 Also nice to see one of the land rovers that we pray for over two years to be released from customs being used.

Tomorrow will join the other missionaries, a few from headquarters, and some child care workers for retreat.

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Appreciate your thoughts on "unbalanced". Nice photo with Merline's mom!