Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2, Eli's SAT test and plants.

Today Cory and Eli will drive to Port-au-Prince so that Eli can take his SAT test tomorrow at Union school.

Please pray for this trip and that Eli can do his best on the test tomorrow.

 New location, new people, new test...

Cory filled up the truck with health books and trees/plants for 4 different groups working in Haiti.

They hope to be home tomorrow night.

This week I did not accomplish much studying, much studying of medicine.

 I did learn with my children as we worked hard on school items which had lagged behind.

 Many papers, tests and assignments thankfully corrected.

Next years curriculum list started and researched.

In less than 3 weeks we will again take a school break and travel to missionary retreat.

Cory's Haitian peach palms bloomed this week so he could collect pollen.

 Thankful it did not occur last week while we were away from home.

The first dragon fruit reached the top of the arbor.
Vanilla pods filling out.

Word on Facebook about Haitian adoptions: No referrals will be given until the parent interview / relinquishment system details get worked out.

 I understand why it would be best to have this done before matching but feel for the families waiting to match with abandoned children.

Praying for the new system to work out the problem areas…FAST!

Cory named this peach palm 'Sydney'
Anna and I plan to turn 'Friday family night' into a girl's night.

Not sure everything she has planned but I know we will laugh and have some fun.

She's cooking a surprise supper! Do not know if I get to help or not.


Chris and Kath Sloan said...

I hope Eli's SAT went well and he feels good about it! I'm sure he rocked it. YAY for intense test studying phase being over for you and Eli for a while!!

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