Monday, April 28, 2014

Enjoying diversity in my day

I did not realize until this morning how much I missed the 'normal' diversity of my life.

The last few months my daily schedule looked mostly like this:


Check E-mails now and then.


Open school with devotion and prayer. Study. Answer a few school questions.

 Bible with the kids.

  Study. Lunch.

A short rest/devotional time. Study. Exercise while studying.

Shower. Study.

Supper. Study. Bed. [And I'll admit that I studied at the table a few meals a day.]

First 4 hours today: Up. Checked E-mails/face book.

 Worked on my in-box [now down below 30 from over 300].

 Ate. Started school with devotions and prayer.

Almost filled one large box with give away stuff.

Met with both Eli and Anna to work on school plans for the next 3 weeks [up to missionary retreat].

Put away items from the trip.

Hung up 4 loads of laundry.

Corrected Eli's science papers. Picked mulberries and cherry tomatoes.

Picked some weeds from my flower bed while talking to another missionary on the phone.

Wrote out my to-do goals for the week.

[While I do intend to study a few hours during weekdays in the afternoon I will now spend more time on my 'normal' life. ]

Continued the day with Bible class.

Started to think and research next year's school curriculum.

Corrected more papers.

Lunch. Rest/devotional time.

Reviewed history and literature questions with both kids.

Put away laundry.

Weeded more of the flower beds.

Exercised while reading a FUN book.

Studied a bit.


Will enjoy supper and more time reading before bed.

 A nice normal day! Thanks Lord.

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Missus Wookie said...

Thankful for normal ordinary days - glad you have them again.