Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23. Testing done!!

Hi from the Dominican Republic.
 We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday sunrise service at Cowman school. The sermon focused on how God can move any rocks in our lives. We just need to trust He who died for us, rose again, and lives today - loves us and wants the best for us.

After heavy rains Sunday night that totaled over 2 inches we headed out early Monday morning for the DR. The paperwork at the border took about 1 hour. Thankful to find it open as we heard that Friday it was not.

Eli noted that the roads were better than those in western Michigan. Started out in dry areas but after a while more mountains, trees and green. Cory only stopped at one fruit stand. We enjoyed sandwiches and ice cream for lunch.

Once in Santa Domingo we struggled a bit to find the hostel but a nice man jumped on a motorcycle and lead us the last few blocks.

On Tuesday Cory and the kids headed out to find the testing center and did a bit of sight seeing while I reviewed. Thankful to find out last night that although the DR does not do daylight savings, right now they were on the same time. Not being to the test center 30 minutes before test time would have resulted in my not being able to test.

Today, test day. Very peaceful and calm for me so the Lord did provide that miracle [I tend to be a worrier] Not only did I remain calm I brought my passport. Several types of ID could be used said my information but once there the sign on the wall noted if testing outside your country of residency you could only use your passport.

I praised my way through the day, secure in the knowledge that God's in charge. I'll praise Him if I pass or if I don't. I know He could provide a miracle for me or has a better plan. Hard to boil down the vast knowledge base of 'family medicine' into 370 questions [a few don't count-hopefully ones I did not have a clue about].

I heard folks talking about all the support this week as they ran the Boston marathon from the folks on the side lines.

While I couldn't not see my support team I know that many were praying and cheering me on.

Thank you!! All the peace and being able to focus - thank you.

Praying for so many in pain: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Do not know why the Lord gave me the life I lead but thankful.

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Missus Wookie said...

So thankful you took your passport, joining you in hoping you've answered enough of the 370 questions correctly! :)