Thursday, April 24, 2014

The hunt for peach palms...

Today we headed out to try to find peach palms north and then north west of the capital in the support of Cory's ministry and love of fruits.

We saw lots of country. We drove on great roads, Ok roads and bumpy dirt roads.

We ask directions several times.

Passed lots of pineapple fields, some sugar cane fields, cattle, sheep, forests, mountains, but never spotted the apparently rare, elusive Dominican Republic peach palm.

Stopped at a couple tree nurseries to ask and Cory visited a bit with some workers from Haiti.

Actually from Limbée who he invited to stop in and see us the next time they visit home.

Now family code for a 'snipe hunt' will forever be going to look for peach palms.

7 hours later our family returned [thankfully as we found during the trip that one back tire picked up a nail.

 Thankful we did not go out on test morning to find a flat tire as I first heard the clicking noise on Monday]

Quick break and then headed out on foot. Visited a couple cathedrals, the fort and a chocolate factory.
Enjoyed Chinese food, chocolate samples, and ice cream.

Cory and Anna already have a papaya vender who smiles when he sees them coming for their daily treat-they split one.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

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