Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wed. Feb. 19th

Another sunny day filled with our regular routine.

Angie and Gerda did wash and then hung it on the line.  Then they helped the cooks prepare lunch for us.   This noon we had a meat/potato dish.

Tonight we are having a Haitian meal..fried chicken, rice/beans with an American dessert, oatmeal cake...all to celebrate the fact that the Ter Avest family has been working, visiting this country for 40 years.

I can’t tell you all the many things we have experienced here.

We have been through difficult health problems, government problems, been here when we have been happy and sad, in forty years so many memories.

Pictures from only 38 isn years ago. Do not have a family picture from that first trip.

But there has been a strong, constant fact through all the years...God is God, God is in complete control, God is Faithful and in Him we can trust and fine peace.

We are so thankful for all that the Lord has done in our lives.  We cannot even imagine what our lives and those of our children and grandchildren would have been like without that decision to visit Haiti for two weeks.

 To sit here today and think about having soon, we hope, Haitian grandchildren in our family is overwhelming.

When I think of many Haitian people we know or have know who have inspired us with their faith I am humbled.

 Praise be to God.

The fellows continue to work from their wood making shelves for the cholera building and also fitting a new door for the same.

They still have a number of projects that they have been asked to build.  I always have to smile a bit when people ask what we find to do here...there is always it seems more than enough work for us to do.

I continue to teach Anna and so far our grandmother/granddaughter relationship is in good condition.

This afternoon Kris called Mme Felician, our dear friend on LaGonave and Gerda and I also talked to her.

We are having some Internet no emails presently are being sent or received..maybe tomorrow or tonight.

 It is cloudy again this even, so perhaps after our 1/4 inch of rain last evening, there is more of the way.


Anna turns 13 on Friday. Feel free to E-mail or put your greetings to her in comments and I'll print them out and give them to her during our celebration. Kris

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