Thursday, February 20, 2014

Anticipation for Anna

Today Anna is making plans for her special day tomorrow.  She has lots of plans.  

But we did manage to have a good day of school. 

 We doesn’t plan to go to school tomorrow.  When asked what she would like to do..she told me that we could just hang out together.

  Sounds to me like an adventure.                                                                          

Angie did wash and helped in the kitchen, Gerda worked in the kitchen also. 

 The fellows did get the door hung at the clinic and also began cutting some plywood for some cabinets for the school.  

Cory put up the arbor cross bars for the dragon fruit and gave most of the team a garden tour.

The other night, when we had a small shower I was lying in bed listening to the rain fall.  

We have been praying for rain and I thanked the Lord for it, when suddenly a thought came to me. 

 I wondered which rain drops were mine...which ones I had actually prayed would fall. 

 I thought how some people probably had prayer with much more intensity and spent much more time in prayer for the rain. 

 How their rain was a much larger area than mine. 

 I thought how much it could change my prayers...if I would be able to think of the real impact that the prayer would have.  

How much of a difference my prayer for rains would make. 

 I think I would become a much better prayer warrior if I keep in mine the words from the Bible that tell us that the affective, heartfelt prayers of a righteous person has a big impact.  

What a privilege it is to pray.

It is again clouding up...keep up the prayers for rain.

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