Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Anna finished her 'yurt' today for school and received an 'A' for the project.

 School continues to move forward along with my studies.

The guys made 5 more church benches and worked on the dragon fruit arbor.

The dragon fruit plants continue to grow despite the drought so glad that the arbor will be built in time.

Sweet potato stew with chicken and bananas for lunch and some jello and coconut candy.

Supper was fried potatoes and onions with beef vegetable stew. Great tasting pumpkin bread.

More newsletters printed, folded, stuffed and sealed.

The printer decided no longer to print in color so sorry to folks who get the black and white version.

Colored copies can be sent on E-mail if you let us know what address.

Mom's test results yesterday while improved, indicated that she still needed additional blood drawn.

So this time we tried to improve the event by remaining in the house and having a nurse come and start an IV here.

After the IV fluids hydrated her up we tried to reverse the flow and take out the blood.

After a few additional needle sticks by me [mom reports I did better than the nurse] we called it a day after removing over 300 cc.

We enjoyed a couple minutes of rain showers tonight that cooled down the temperatures but much more rain is needed for the gardens, trees and crops.

The river by the campus dried up last week and is now only flowing underground in some areas leaving dry riverbeds.

Plans continue for our celebration on Friday as Anna will turn 13!

Hard to believe that next week at this time the team will be preparing to leave the next morning.

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