Monday, February 17, 2014

Team's Third Monday

Monday..Today was wash day again.

The weather continues to be sunny, without rain.

While the sun is nice to get the loads of wash, it is so hard to think about what this is doing to the food crops here.

Sunday we did attend church on campus.

Dr. Wineck and his wife and baby boy were all dressed up for the meaningful ceremony of dedicating their little one to the Lord.

A visiting leader of the Wesleyan men in the north, gave an urgent sermon on how the judgement of God is coming and that it will start in the church.

Anna's old curtains get new life.
Angie worked on some more curtains today and on the Thede's newsletter.

Gerda worked in the kitchen, making white pizza for lunch.  It was very good.

 This afternoon, she cracked some coconuts, took the coconut pieces, put them in the food processor and drained off some coconut milk for rice/beans.

A coconut dessert is being made for supper.

Gene and Gerda delivered the meds that a neighbor of theirs had donated for the hospital/clinic.

 They were so thankful for the medication.

I again helped Anna..think we are gaining some.  SIGH

Teaching Anna is a bit like trying to calm the wind.

 I love her dearly, but am just amazed at her energy.

The fellow built benches again today…5 more were completed.

Seems our days here are getting short..and still much to do.

Old curtains once again being eaten by time. 
Mom did go to lab again and while her results improved they remain high prompting us to E-mail her doctor in Michigan for advice. 
Cory continued to print out newsletters while I study. 

Eli did school this morning, helped the guys and hung my curtains this afternoon.

Pastor Jonus expressed his and the congregation's appreciation of the team's visit and their work 'at their age'.

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