Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feb. 15th

Saturday.  A quiet day for most of us.

Remains very dry.

 Gene, Larry and Eli worked on church benches in the morning.

 I helped wash some dishes and also read to Anna for a bit this morning.

 Anna had gone to volleyball practice at 6:30am and returned home around 9 or so.

 Then she was suppose to be ready to go down and get her uniform and instructions at 11:30am.

She finally left for the game around 2pm.

Gene, Larry and Cory went down to watch her play, but missed a couple of games.  The report was that Anna had played well.

I am feeling much better today and am only a bit more tired, than usual.

Angie said she had slept well and Gerda seems to be feeling well also.  Today we did some wash and also did some general cleaning of our rooms.

Tomorrow we will likely go to church here on campus.

The young dentist, who Eli works with..Dr. Wineck, and his wife will be dedicating their baby son.

I plan to share tonight at devotions an article named The Great Creator-Healer, based on Psalm 139 1-16.

It means so much that our God knows all about our human limitations.


Anna's hair in a bun as she was told if her ponytail hit the net it would be a foul.

The Fauche teams won all their games.

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