Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Team's second Tuesday.

This late afternoon, the skies are cloudy..almost a promise of rain, but we haven't had any yet and things continue to dry out.
 Cory said that the peanut crop along the coast is already all gone.

The day itself was filled with more of the same projects that we have been working on.

The fellows continued to build more tables and I continued to teach, and Gerda continued to help in the kitchen.  

Angie is still not feeling very strong and is having trouble sleeping at night..so we would ask for prayers for the return of her strength. 

 Five tables and eleven benches were delivered to the school dining room.

Today, during our Bible study class, one of the lessons talked about pride and humility.  I told Eli and Anna of an example of humility that I had witnessed here.  Cory employes a man who among other work, often rakes the yard. 

 He always does a great job and always has a smile on his face.  The other day he went out of his way to tell me what a good job we had done painting the wall of the gazebo.  He  is just a humble, quiet man doing his work carefully and well.  Sunday, we saw him in church. 

 He was dressed up and prayed for the congregation..the joy of the Lord just shines from him.  And I thought of him today..a humble man with whom I know the Lord is well pleased.  His faith is evident, he and his wife are faithful in their church and he is an inspiration to me and I would guess others as well.

     The fellows ordered more lumber and supplies today..so guess they plan to keep the saw humming.  Tomorrow they will start the kitchen counter project. 

 The wood under the current counter top is becoming soft and dusty,with particles falling on the items in the cupboard below them.  

So tomorrow, the kitchen work will be moved to the large table, boxes will house bowls, cooking utensils and hopefully by Saturday all will be back in place and a new tile counter top also.

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