Monday, February 10, 2014

Start of Week Two.

     Sunday was a day of rest for us.

 We attended church here on campus and enjoyed so much being able to worship there.

The singing just lifts our souls, seeing people who we know and work with gave us joy.  It was again so good to be in the Lord's house.

 The pastor said a phrase, and the pastor last week used it as well, and called the congregation the "Children of the House."

 I thought of what a great definition this is of a congregation..we are all children of the house in the churches we attend.

     We had a dinner of leftovers..which were still great and in the afternoon Cory make us all special milk shakes..the first one was made from egg fruit and aloe and the second that banana and chocolate and aloe…the aloe is good for the stomach.

 Supper was again eating up some leftovers to help empty out the refrigerator.

     Monday..Today I spent the day helping Anna in school..she was going to study on Saturday afternoon, but came home from the beach ill..with fever and vomiting.

She felt some better by Sunday and today is back to her normal self.

Angie too was not feeling well…so Sunday she stayed close to her room and today is still feeling tired and weak.

So we were a bit behind where she wanted to be and today we worked extra hard.  I also corrected a lot of homework and tests today.

Wash was also was another sunny day, but a bit warmer and more humid.  Gerda continues to search her cookbooks for interesting recipes and make different foods for us to enjoy.

Larry and Genier took over the paint department today..painting final coat on the tables and some of the benches..and they did a great job.

Gene worked a table from the kitchen.

The fellows also went down to the school, clinic, church and were asked to do many more projects.  One never has to worry here that we will run out of work.

    Tonight we are having creamed chicken, vegetables over rice, star fruit salad, and coleslaw.

We also always have yummy bread and jam.

 School, office work, working on the next newsletter, a new post on our adoption blog, studies occupied the Thede family.

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