Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Team reaches the half way mark.

For the last few months the particle board under our kitchen counter started to rapidly revert back to particles causing small piles of wood chips to collect in my storage bowls.

Through the screen you can see the particles. 

 The image of a large dust cloud raising up from a collapsed counter crushed under the weight of dirty dishes and the growing fear of reality caused us to add this job to Dad and Gene's to-do list.


The day began with some worries on Gene and Larry's minds.

They were concerned about how they would be able to remove the old countertop.

 BUT their minds were worried about nothing and the countertop removal went very well.

By noon…the new plywood was anchored down and by 5pm all was in readiness for the tile layer who we hope is coming tomorrow.

While they worked on the countertop, Cory's workers painted the remaining benches for the school and did a great job.

Angie is doing better and even felt like sewing on Anna's curtains today..finishing that project.

We are so thankful that she is looking and acting more like herself.

Gerda helped in or torn apart kitchen..this noon we had rice and beans with vegetable sauce and tonight we are German noodles with  sauce.

I again helped Anna with her school work, we are slowly catching up (PTL).  Kris studied all day and Eli did his school work.

Eli also had his English/Creole lesson this afternoon with Dr. Winick and Anna is off to volleyball practice.

Again, walking on the grass which is starting to brown..the need for rain became very evident.

Please join us in prayer that the Lord will send rain for the crops.

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