Monday, February 24, 2014

Team's last Monday.

Monday began with our usual wash day.

 Right after breakfast, two loads of wash and out dancing on the line in the sun and the breeze.

 Then school began and Anna and I started with diagraming, time line..two lessons that she wants to be ahead in when we leave.

Anna and I ended our day with a cleaning of her cabinet and organization  of some of her things.

Angie helped with the wash and in the kitchen, making Fudge Cake and Gerda is still working hard making today Spring rolls for lunch.

 Gerda has already begun saying her good-byes to the Haitian cooks who work for the Thedes.

The fellows worked on a tables this morning and this afternoon, with their few remaining pieces of lumber, made a cabinet for Anna's volleyballs.

Sunday had been spent quietly.

Gene and Gerda attend part of children's church and part of the regular service…the children's service is run by Mme Danny one the the Thede's cooks.

The rest of us enjoyed the regular service which was run by the young people and included a thought provoking message on prayer.

 "Prayer is as essential to a Christian spiritually, as breathing is to the human body."

Most of us are starting to pack up things to be brought home and things to be left behind.

  It is part of the adjustment of our minds..that soon we will be back home.

There are always mixed feeling at this time of the trip.


When looking for the duffel bags to send back to Michigan with the folks Cory found our long lost Brazilian hammock!!

Now I can enjoy a happy place to study and read!

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