Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last Day

Some school, some woodwork, some wash, some dishes, some cooking, some packing and some bumps.

The team spent the day packing and saying lots of good-byes, and doing some last minute visits on campus while wrapping up their stay.

Larry and Angie visited the school and visited the school cooks.

The tool shed was organized. Rested.

John Pierre noticed a small snake in our front door today. Waiting for him to leave now that night has fallen.

The adult literacy class made a point after their class to come up and sing and pray for the team.

One last bump, I felt the need to have one last IV secondary to GI problems and not wanting to dehydrate any more than I already am.

As they did for Gerda during her short illness the cooks came in to sing and pray and say good-bye.

I wonder how willing we would be to do the same if roles were reversed.

We appreciate your prayers as we leave tomorrow. For good travel and flights and as we say the final good-byes.

Some will likely never pass this way again.  Carol

Tomorrow the team will be on the road to the airport by 10 o'clock. Their flight to Fr. Lauderdale should leave Cap Haitian around 1:40 p.m.

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