Saturday, February 22, 2014

Team's Last Saturday.

Our last Saturday here was spent in a variety of ways.

Elijah, Kris and I did some house cleaning.

Anna played VB this morning and when she did return, she and I did some deep cleaning of her room.

Angie helped in the kitchen, one of our Haitian cook making banana bread under Angie teaching.  Gerda too worked in the kitchen.

For lunch we had beef stew. beets, banana bread, warm cinnamon rolls and cookies, a Haitian recipe made from manioc flour.

 They reminded Larry of animal crackers.

The fellow finished their two large cabinets for the school and then worked on two small tables.

Monday they will use some of the last of the lumber on a bench for outside the cholera building.

Our thoughts are beginning to turn more toward home.

Today we taped up some vanilla bottles for the trip back.

Larry sharpened knives.

 At his request tonight along with our rice & beans and veggie sauce we will be having chicken feet.

Mme. Danny arranged and cooked them.

 He fondly remembers these from our time on LaGonave.

Also, some of the sorting of clothing has begun…some to be used for rags, some to be given away, some for Larry and I to be packed away to await our next visit.

Cory said today that the spring in back of mission campus had dried up.

This has not happened before.                                              

Reports also of people digging  holes down in the river bed to try to find water.

We are still praying for rain and can't imagine the hardships that happen here if no good rains come.

Kris continues to study some each day, Cory working in the gardens or on the computer and they are starting to prepare for the Warsaw team.

He also showed Gerda and Angie how to harvest a banana bunch today.

We will be leaving some work for that team.

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