Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday-ups and downs.

Today started well with the fellow arriving to put in the tile counter top.

Cory helped with this and by afternoon, it was all laid and looks great.

A new load of lumber arrived for Gene and Larry, so they will start building church benches in the next few days.

Angie worked on finishing the curtains for Anna and Gerda helped with the washing.

 I was again in the class room helping with Anna and Eli.

Angie seems much better, but still hasn't gotten a good nights sleep.

 But this afternoon another of the team became ill.

Gerda started with intense stomach problems.

She is now resting with an IV giving her some fluids and is at least feeling better.

  We will see what the night brings, but again ask for your prayers.

It is always difficult for everyone when someone who is visiting on a team becomes ill.

 It is hard for Kris, knowing how limited are the resources here.

 It is hard for team members and the whole missionary family to see someone ill and it is hard for the one who is ill.

One always kind of wonders why…when we feel God has sent us here to help and be a blessing,  why we would be sidetracked (in our view).

I am reminded again that God is in control and knows all about us and that all we need to trust Him with our lives and plans.

I had another thought today when Larry found another 3 legged table (they had fixed others before this one).

 I thought about how in life, some people are just like a 3 legged table…sometimes we have legs that are based on profession, success and things that the world offers.

Problem is that we aren't complete and sometime find other things to prop up the 4th leg..maybe for some it is found in alcohol, drugs, or anything that we find to give us pleasure.

  But that is just like the table Larry found today..tucked in a dark place, broken.

What we need is to have that 4th leg firmly supported by our Lord and then and only then the other legs too will be in proper position and use.

Without the Lord's support, people often become just tucked away in a dark place.

Pray that many of the broken in life will come to the Master Carpenter and be fixed, becoming in that wonderful healing all that the Lord wants us to be and to be useful in the building of His kingdom.

Keep praying for rain and health.  

Anna's team won 2 of 3 but they played teammates as the other team did not show.


Jess Furrow said...

I really liked your table analogy- good thoughts :)

Peter Olson said...

Praying for good health
I know that God uses all things for His glory, both sickness and health.
Praying for rain (not to much, just the right amount)
Happy Valentine's Day!
I pray that God will continue to bless all of you, Amen!