Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, Beach trip

Cory writing today.

We enjoyed a trip to ChouChou (Shoe Shoe) Beach this morning.

Sunny mild weather and chilly water.

We were the only group visiting.

Spagetti for lunch.

This afternoon the team went for a walk and visited one of the cooks at her house.

Pray for Anna, she was tired on the trip home and has a fever with upset stomach this afternoon.

The teak branch for the dragon fruit arbor is being sawed by a local hired crew.

[Kris thought they did this already but only one man showed up and as you can see it is a two man job.]

I think that if Haitians knew how expensive even scrap size pieces of teak lumber are on Ebay,
there would be a lot carried in luggage when they travel to the States.

Mme. Danny made chicken rice casserole for supper and oatmeal cookies.

Plan to attend worship tomorrow on campus at the Fauche Wesleyan church.

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