Friday, February 7, 2014

Team Second Friday Night.

Friday already and tonight we will be enjoying tacos for supper with brownies for dessert.

Angie, Anna and I again painted a 1st coat on some benches..we had planned to put a second, final coat on 5 of them…but the paint of the 1st coat was not completely we painted another 6.

They all dry over the Monday we will have enough to keep us busy.

The fellows continue to make tables for the school and clinic and also Larry and Gener painted tables.

Angie sewed some more and I also taught again.

Found out today that Anna hasn't been turning in her Wordly Wise book and so 85 pages need to be checked and corrected!  Sigh!

I also found out their is no answer need to figure out the correct answers.

Gerda continues to make yummy food..French stew for dinner with coconut custard pie for dessert.

Cory continues to try to keep us all in supplies and do his regular work.  Kris studies and studies (and I think my brain gets weary!)

Cutting a teak log for the dragon fruit arbor.
Tomorrow we are planning on going to the beach for a swim..if the weather is nice.

Would rather cancel for for an all day slow rain for the gardens and trees.

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