Thursday, February 27, 2014


Cory's tree doing well.
Team made it to the USA yesterday after a 2 hour delay in Cap Haitian. I hear they ate all the lunch I forced them to take 'just in case'.

After going to bed early and sleeping more than 10 hours the kids and I woke up this morning ready to study.

Two big prayer requests:

RAIN: Just behind our house you can find a small spring that no one ever remembers going dry….until now. While our area sometimes goes a couple months without rain in the summer months, no one remembers going with so little rain for so many months, especially at this time of year.

Few, if any, have running water in their homes in our area [off campus] and with the river dried up, lines at the pumps continue to lengthen as others dig down in the river bed to reach the underground water sources.

A few locations in Haiti report rain but these remain isolated areas.

Many crops already lost and without rain no gardens can be safely planted.

CARNIVAL: For the next week Carnival will be celebrated throughout Haiti. Here this means roudy parties with drinking and violence. We will remain at home and not travel. Many churches will hold youth conferences to provide the young people a weekend of encouragement and spiritual training. Please pray for this to be a time of spiritual growth and blessing.

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Betsy Cruz said...

I hope you can rest a bit after your team left. Lord, send that rain to Haiti.