Monday, February 3, 2014

First Team Monday.

Today Angie and I started some painting.

We painted the wall of the gazebo a chalkboard green…we hope to give it another coat tomorrow.

Then we started to put some bug killer on the benches the men are making.

Gene enjoying the sunshine.

The bench order is for 23 benches and today we put the bug killer on 5 of them…there are many more waiting for us!

 The men did complete most of the benches today.

Gerda continues to make good food and teach our Haitian cooks new recipes and techniques.

We do not mind trying new dishes.

 After the painting…Angie helped with the wash and in the afternoon made some more of her yummy banana bread.

I again helped Anna in school.

Anna wants to help us tomorrow with the benches, so today she really worked hard with her school work.

 Eli has been helping the men make the   benches today as well.

Gerda continues to turn out wonderful meals and goodies for us all to enjoy.

We are getting in a routine..breakfast at 7am, then wash clothes as necessary and then off to our individual jobs.

Angie will probably start sewing curtains tomorrow for Anna's bedroom.

The weather continues to be great, but there still is a need of rain.

 We have had only a couple short showers since we have come.

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Missus Wookie said...

It must be good to get to visit the same place yearly, visit family, celebrate and spend time together - and also see how the work you did last year has built on the the work you did the year before.... gives such motivation to do more work this year!