Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Feb. 4th

More painting today..another coat of chalkboard paint and then we put termite bug killer on 9 more benches…we have 11 to go.

Anna joined Angie and I, so the work went quicker than the day before.

Cory learned that the generator filter needed to be replaced.

Kris sent Anna down with the camera to get some pictures of the bench work with the ladies but she returned with the cute dog picture so it appears that someone got distracted.

The men made 6 more benches today and then started on the tables for the school dining hall.

So the project of 24 benches and 4 tables is continuing on.

Gerda again helped with the wash and in the kitchen.

Haitian potato salad..a new dish with bread fruit, eggs and milliton and mayo dressing was a BIG hit.  Gerda is always trying to find new recipes for the Thede family.

 In the afternoon, I again helped Anna with school work and Angie started on some sewing projects.

Kris continues to study for her boards and Cory trying to keep the team in supplies.

John Pierre went to Cap Haitian today and got the new tile for the kitchen counter top, groceries and other supplies, so hopefully the counter will be a completed before we leave.

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