Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Team reaches the 1 week mark.

Thought I would share with you what our days are like, so here goes:

6:30am..most of us are up and getting ready for breakfast

7-7:30am..breakfast time..usually we have oatmeal, bananas, hot chocolate and some kind of bread

8:00am..those of us who are painting are off to collect our supplies and go to work.

The men are off getting the generator set up for the saw, and begin their work in the it was starting to repair some school dining room tables and also to start to make some new ones.

 Gerda begins preparations for the days meals and also help with the wash.

10:00am..we are finished with the painting for the day.  Angie is working on labeling the drug bottles brought in from Perrigo by Gene and Gerda.

The bottles each need to have their expiration dates put on the caps.

I went to teach Anna school.  This is also break time.  For Gene that means tea time.

Today he took time to take out a splinter in his finger.

10:15 to 11am..teaching Bible for Anna and Eli.

12:00 noon…we ate lunch of savory rice with a tomato sauce, BBQ chicken on buns, coleslaw, tomatoes in vinegar sauce, bread, custard apple, left over rice pudding and cookies.

12:30 to time

1:30..I got up to start to wash the dinner dishes and took down some clothes from the line.
         Gerda came to help with the dishes and make preparation of tonight's supper.
         Angie started to work on curtains for Anna's bedroom

         I again helped Anna with her school work.

(I am learning a great deal about math, China, writing, Bible and lots more.)

4:00pm..Anna is off to volleyball practice.  She has a game tomorrow that we will probably all attend.

  I took my shower to take advantage of the "warmer" water.  Eli, after his day of school, is outside playing soccer with the kids.

 The fellows are picking up their tools and putting them away.

5:30 or 6:00pm.  Supper time.

Tonight we are having cassava and cabbage, Adobe chicken, more tomatoes in vinegar sauce, left-overs for desserts…rice pudding, cookies and coconut candy.

After supper we wash dishes

Around 7:00pm or so…we have devotions.  We each take turns and tonight Anna will lead us.

8:00pm  Gene, Gerda and Angie head down to their rooms.

9:00pm..usually is bedtime.  Think some read a while..but some of us are off to sleep and dream.


[Anna took the pictures so not sure about the story with Gene on the table. ]

Cory shopped in the morning bringing back many fruits and vegetables for Gerda to experiment with and the rest of us to enjoy.

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Betsy Cruz said...

Sounds like you have busy days right now! We're also busy working to prepare our new worship center (rental space) for our first meeting there this Sunday! Blessings.