Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Volleyball: part two

... had us help hold up a banner, she then put Santa hats on our heads. Finally the band in front started to play and off we marched.

We went some ways before coming in sight of the courts.

 There were two nets side by side on top of a basket ball court. Behind it stood a tent with a table under it and in front of the table was a blanket spread out and on it were presents, and two bikes.

One for the best player of the younger girls and one for the best of the younger boys. Someone gave a little speech and we were told that all players had to walk around in groups of at least three, no going anywhere on your own.

The younger boys went first. First they took ropes and put an even amount of kids on each side before they played tug of war to see who played first.

Then the younger girls did the same. We watched for a while  in the sun unfortunately my hat and sunblock were both in my bag which had been taken away at the beginning of the parade.

 After awhile I got two of my friends to come with me so I could get my bag.

Right as we were about to go the truck we had arrived in came driving up and in it was my bag! After renewing my sun block and grabbing my hat we went back to the courts.

Some people were eating popsicles that actually looked factory-made, not just home made and put in sacks. Several of my friends offered me tastes which I gladly excepted. [Thankfully I did not get sick]

Finally they called my team, the Falcons. We ran up to our coach to receive our positions. Our coach gave us our positions, I was in the first line up. We walked onto the court and began to play.

Boy did the other team play....


Missus Wookie said...

Nice writing and some great photographs!

Bruce said...

Love the stories no matter who is writing, keep them coming.

Bruce said...

Love the stories no matter who is writing, keep them coming.