Thursday, January 23, 2014

Volleyball Games on Christmas Eve [part 3]

Today, Rhoda, a ECHO connection, came to visit us. She looked at the garden with Dad and talked with my parents. Eli has been studying for his SATs and Mom for her boards,  on Wednesday dad went and toured gardens. We have gotten some rain, it is cold and cloudy it will probably rain soon. Grandparents should be here in less then a week. And now for the volleyball tournament game sequel.

...POORLY. They messed up lots of balls and we mainly won by serving.

I lost my first serve because my hand hit a kid behind me. After that the people serving were given more room.

In the first games I was switched out even though I played well, but during the last game prior to the finals I was not switched out even though I missed a few balls!?!

We did not play the finals right away, first we went into the shade and Jan-pier talked to us about how we played before handing out bananas to the kids.

We hung out in the shade while waiting to be called to lunch. It was about 2:00 when we finally went to eat.

When we got to the school where we had started out before the parade we found the older kids playing on the court there.

We went around a corner and there I saw a HUGE line of kids waiting to get lunch, some rice and beans along with a fried chicken leg.

A few of my friends and I lost sight of the rest of our group and when we walked up to the line we were called by Parola to skip the huge line and go into a small room where we found some of the younger girls from fauche along with people from other teams.

We sat down and ate, I finished before my friends so I went outside and waited for them.

I had to wait a while before I met up with them and we watched the older kids play for a while before heading back. On our way back Jean Pierre gave us all water and when we got back to the court we found that we were the only ones back.

 We started up a game while we waited and when another team came we played an unofficial game until the ref came back.

 In the official finals I did not get to play and although I regretted not getting to play in the finals I was still was happy that we won at least one of the two finals.

I think we won but it was all very confusing. After all the games were done and played it was time for the prizes to be given out.

Both of the bicycles were awarded to kids from...

[Sorry no pictures. Most of the pictures were shared by one of the school directors and he took zero of any games.]

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Missus Wookie said...

Glad you were able to play in the games you got to play - sounds like fun. Congratulations on a good day!