Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Anna's Christmas Eve Volleyball Match

    Anna's first away game in volleyball was on Christmas Eve, 2013. Here are the details given by Anna as a guest  blogger .
    At 4:45 in the morning I woke up and prepared to go. Around 5:00 a.m.  I went down to the guest house. There I received my uniform and met up with my team.

It took a long time for everybody to get changed, there were the three girls teams and three boys teams to get changed.

Next he kids who would not get to play received different uniforms.

Finally ready, everybody packed into one single flat bed truck!

A few benches lined the sides but most people stood up or sat on the top edge, half out of the truck!

 In the middle a bar hung for everybody to hang onto but when everybody pulled on to it, it leaned forward and looked as if it were ready to break!

It took us at least an hour to get to our destination, and at one point when the driver suddenly sped up because I was not hanging on, I fell backwards, almost sitting on a girl!

The driver slowed down again and as I tried to regain my balance I looked back and saw that the girl had been sitting down on floor of the truck.

 But while I was getting up the driver sped up again and I fell again. This time I completely lost my balance and sat right on top of the girl's head. She got out from under me and stood up, then helped me get up, we enjoyed a good laugh.

When we finally got to our destination we all spilled out of the truck except for the girls who stayed a few minutes longer to fixing their hair.

My hair has completely messed up so while walking I  quickly undid it and pulled it back again.

All the volleyball kids got together and were arranged into a parade.

There was a band leading way in front and all the different teams filed behind in rows of four.

As we were standing in line waiting for the parade to start we saw Parola (a important volleyball coach) go walking by with two people from the older girl's team from Fauche.

 A few minutes later she came and grabbed me and one of my teammates by the arms and marched us toward the front of the parade, there she

to be continued….


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