Monday, January 27, 2014

Update & Anna's Christmas Eve Volleyball Conclusion.

Good weekend. Church pews full. Pastor Emmanuel back home. Praying for my folks and the team. Folks and Angie to try to fly out of Grand Rapids, MI tomorrow [below 0 temps and 80% chance of snow.] Plan 'A' is for them to met Gene and Gerda in FL and fly into Cap Haitian early on Wed. morning. Lord knows.

…Fauche, us! I was watching them give prizes out, trying to get pictures when they called out, “And for the foreigner, Anna.”

 I went forward and received my present, lots of my friends asked me what I had gotten but I refused to open mine up until Christmas Day.

After they had given out all the presents I was heading toward the truck when Jean Pierre told me to get into a red car instead.

 I was told to get into to the back seat. I squeezed in, on my right was a little girl sitting on the lap of a lady. I ended up with a little girl sit on my lap too. To my left there was a little boy sitting on a little boy, and next to them there was a little boy sitting next to a little girl, also siting on a girl.

 In the back alone, there were NINE PEOPLE! Sure some of them were little but still.

During the long ride back, some of the younger kids fell asleep and I tried to so that I wouldn’t fell my sore legs and feet or my very sore bum.

Whenever I was almost asleep something would wake me, like the other girl asking me if I was asleep.

When we finally stopped outside of campus I was very happy when most of the people got out and I was able to take the kid off of me and set her next to me.

The driver drove right into my front yard, I was very happy to be home having left for about twelve hours. I was also very happy to take my tennis shoes off and join my family.

PS :The present turned out to be a puzzle, for little kids.

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Missus Wookie said...

Shame about the puzzle but hopefully you can find someone to give it too. Glad that you had the experience tho'.