Monday, January 6, 2014

Start of our first full week of 2014

Unlike most of our family and friends in the frozen north our week started with warm sunshine. Low: upper 60's, high: mid 80's

In reality today does not look much different than Friday, study, office work.

The local school children enjoy the day off for epiphany, "King's Day" here and will return to school tomorrow.

We started our school day on time having enjoyed late starts throughout the holiday weeks and will continue to learn our lessons until we take off the 29th for the airport trip to pick up my folks and the team.

I noticed something else…during the last few weeks of holidays I did not write any to-do lists. I like lists.

 I like crossing the items off as I complete them. I started my first list of the year yesterday with the biggest items focusing on cleaning/organizing the house and working on the ag/plant book.

That would be in addition to the biggest item that does not need to be written down-studying for my Family Practice re-certification for boards exam in April.

Friday, Cory thought to look at the international sites for this exam while signing up. While I cannot take the test in Haiti I may be able to take it in the Dominican Republic!

This would mean rather than expensive plane tickets and days away from my family, they could come with me when Cory drives me to the test and they can sight-see while I test. Family time and saving money-sounds like a win-win to me….only thing better would be not to have to take the test.

No rain yet and during prayer requests yesterday in church it was noted that gardens and rice crops are being damaged from lack of rain.

Noticed on Facebook last night that LaGonave received a bit but no one said how much.

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Missus Wookie said...

Hope you can take the test in DR and that your studying goes well. April's when my current course ends too. To do lists are an essential part of my life.