Friday, January 10, 2014

Goal Reflections

This time of year many people set personal goals. This week Cory signed both Eli and I up for spring tests.

I know that good goals should be measurable, should be in small obtainable steps, should be items that you can do.

First on our list would be to match with our new kids and move huge leaps toward getting our little ones home with us but…I really can't do anything more than pray for that one.

My biggest personal goal for 2014 consists of passing my Family Practice Boards re-certification exam.

Cory signed me up this week to take this exam on April 23rd, in the Dominican Republic. I now can start the countdown.

I've started to study as the notebooks filling with facts and FP journals scattered throughout the house can stand witness to.

I'd not forgotten the frustrations of spending hours on a task and the only physical evidence of that hard work would be that the pages turned or contain more highlighted words.

Discovering new and interesting facts I still enjoy.
Dusting off facts not to bad…oh yes I remember this!

But a new frustration now adds weight to my studies...learning that some of the facts that I worked so hard years ago to learn and put into long term memories have fallen out of favor and now sit in a pile labeled 'harm outweighs benefits' or 'not enough evidence to recommend'.

I do NOT remember my professors or textbooks noting that this treatment or test that they recommended was not backed by strong science.

A question now frequently whispers in the back of my head "I Wonder what you're learning now that isn't really true? What 'fact' will fall out of favor this year or next?'

Makes me very thankful that my God and His Word do NOT change.

So if the time between blogs stretch out longer than normal please forgive me as I prepare for this test. Send up a prayer. I'd much rather finish this goal on the first try than to have to spend more months of study, more money for travel and to retest in November.

Thank you to Cory and Anna for the fun pictures. Yes, I've started to teach Anna how to cut hair. Yes, it was a bit scary and a whole lot of fun. Yes, Cory looks fine.

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