Thursday, January 30, 2014

HH day 1.

     Jan. 30..First full day. 

 Today was a planning day. 

 Projects selected and orders for materials made.

  Projects such as tables and benches for the school, a new counter top for the Thede kitchen (the old one is crumbling away), new curtains for Anna’s room and many, many more are being presented as needed. 

 So today we dream of what could be...Also today Gerda and Angie made banana bread, cinnamon rolls, a good casserole for lunch and chicken and noodles for supper...the Haitian cooks are delighted to have them! 

 I taught Anna today and she informed me that she had saved up some of her school work so that I could teach her.  (She seems to think that I am a “Bit” easier than her regular teacher.  

A note about the church we visited yesterday. 

 A tin sided, tin roofed building that now serves as the church building has a congregation of 500 with 150-200 standing on the outside. 

 I wondered how many of us would be willing to stand in the heat, or sit in a church without ventilation just to hear the gospel and praise the Lord for His goodness. 

 It is a humbling thought.  

The new church that is being constructed will be able to hold 2000. 

Right now there is a need to raise money for the roof and finishing of the building.  

And there are even bigger dream of having a Christian school.  What a wonderful investment for the building of God’s kingdom.

     So we begin, asking for the Lord’s wisdom to do what He wants us to do, being open  to all He would have us be and sharing His love.

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