Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cory's blog on a new crop

While I concentrate on my boring studying, Cory will be writing a guest blog about Sacha Inchi.

 Last summer I ordered some seeds from Ecuador, mostly fruits.

Nuts that are high yield as well as high in protein and calories are a priority in my search for new crops for our area.

While some of the fruit seedlings are still only a few inches high, the Inchi vines grew like weeds.

 They are thriving on poor clay soil, and still growing not having noticed our drought yet.

They have nearly mature seed pods.

I did some internet research and also mail ordered a package to sample some commercially prepared seeds as a Christmas present.

Inchi are native to Peru and are a traditional food there.

The seeds are marketed in the USA as a health food.

They are high in protein, about 27% and oil up to 60% and rich in Omega 3 oil.

 I was disappointed with the flavor but maybe fresh seeds will taste a little better.

I would compare their taste to soy nuts (which I don't like) with texture more like Brazil nut.

 It looks like the only weakness of this crop may be the flavor.

Some people write that it tastes good.

It will be interesting to see how hungry kids like them and what recipes we can think up.

Salt didn't help much.

Chocolate was better but not like with peanuts.

Thank you Cory and Anna who took Dad's picture.

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