Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas cooking and volleyball.

Cookies, banana bread muffins, carmel corn, candy will soon fill the gift bags for our neighbors on campus that we will deliver tomorrow morning.

Cinnamon rolls in the freezer ready to pop in the oven for tomorrow's breakfast.

Anna will spend today at her first away volleyball game with the team.

Actually this will be the first time she plays against another team as all games up to this point were against the guys team or the older girls team from campus.

She expressed a mixture of excitement and worry that she would not get to play.

But after going down at 5 a.m. when the team met she returned home with a big smile in the official game uniform for the day-knowing she will get to play.

Anna's the pale one.
Now close to 7 a.m. the team sings a hymn followed by prayer. The team's excited chatter fills the air as the truck filled with children leaves for the day.

We sent bananas with the group and they will eat lunch at the site.

Hope to receive phone updates from Anna today as we pray she can be a blessing, stay safe and have fun.

She noted that folks may think she's a great player just because she's the foreigner and that if she goofs up everyone will notice. Maybe but have fun!

Cory plans to 'play' a bit in the yard before he and Eli work on a big batch of carmel corn.

Will spend part of today cooking, studying, listening to Christmas music and thinking of family.

Plan on heading down to church tonight but will bring our chairs and sit under the trees as we heard the visiting evangelist last night from the house loudly proclaiming the Good News.

Happy Birthday to our niece, Taylor! Enjoy the fondu for us and family time.

Anna's just to the left of the red hat. 
Teams may recognize this truck as the one we occasionally rent for airport or beach trips.

Tomorrow will enjoy our hot rolls, drop off the gift bags, hide the gifts for Eli and Anna [need to work on the hints and riddles today] and then spend the rest of the enjoying family time.

The family time will start when Anna returns.

Lord protect this truck today with it's precious cargo. May the teams share Your love and laughter with others.

Thank you for each life and family represented. May they still be singing on their return. Amen.

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