Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas decorations and Praises

A crisp clear sunny morning with the smell of hot chocolate in the air mingling with the sounds of birds, children and traffic.

Last week Thursday we traveled back home taking the public ferry from LaGonave.

 A smooth ride during which a pastor took the opportunity provided by a captive audience to preach the gospel.

After finishing his short message in Creole he stood close to us and started in English.

 I appreciated the fact that he did not assume we already knew the Lord and let him know we're already family members!

Rejoicing with the LaGonave folks in the release from customs of 2 new Land Rovers [in customs close to 3 years] as well as a container of equipment for the new hospital!

Keep praying for the 40 hospital beds.

Friday we jumped back into yard work and school but finished the day with family night and Christmas decorating.

Today we'll finish up our school week while the district pastor's meet in the guest house.

Will share some bananas and Christmas cookies with them while asking them to pray with their congregations for our adoption referral.

E-mail updates and Christmas / New Year's greetings heading out today!

Christmas here does not include: family get-togethers, snowy drives, Christmas carols on the radio [not for us as our house does not pick up radio well], shopping amongst busy crowds, Christmas parties with friends.

We will enjoy some special meals that we normally do not eat, make gift bags for our neighbors on campus and the staff, spend time as a family watching Christmas videos, exchange gifts, play games, and focus on our Lord and Savior, celebrating Christ.

Thankful we focus on how He came to Earth to open the door for us to join God's family!

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Missus Wookie said...

Rejoicing about the landrovers - may they be sturdy helpmates. Hope the beds join them soon.