Friday, December 27, 2013

Great Christmas

We enjoyed Christmas. The day went like this….
  • Woke up and put the cinnamon rolls in the oven after they warmed up and puffed up a bit recovering from the time in the freezer.
  • Checked E-mails, facebook and sent greetings to family and friends.
  • Finished putting together our gift bags and delivered two while the rolls cooked.
  • Chatted on Line with Kris's folks.
  • Late Breakfast
  • Read the Christmas story
  • Sent Eli and Anna to the plant nursery so we could hide their gifts.
  • Hunted and opened gifts.
  • Cooked
  • Ate

  • Watched movies, ate and enjoyed family time the rest of the day.  
In some ways I like the day after Christmas almost more than Christmas day.

Less stress with much lower expectations but still great food [enjoy leftovers], family time and fun.

We ended the day by attending a special service at church.

Today will be a mix of normal events [laundry, school, study, watering plants, office work, household chores] mixed with family night and enjoying Christmas gifts.

Cory's responsible for the Christmas tree picture on Christmas Day with the sunny palms in the background.

The poinsettia, thanks Dad. Every year he brings a cutting from their Michigan poinsettia for us to try to grow and finally after years of problems I have a true Christmas poinsettia in the yard.

One of our surprise gifts Cory found while in Cap Haitian a LARGE can of blueberry pie filling!!! Yes!

Christmas music floats across the  campus with children's programs continuing today.

I enjoyed watching a pair of parrots [Christmas colors of Kelly Green and bright red wing patches] while putting up laundry to dry this morning.

Not much I would change given the chance, but a couple of items.

I'd zap family here for a visit.

I'd love to open the E-mail that contains the news that our adoption dossier now sits in IBESR or even one that contains our referral!

While you may think these cannot now happen before Christmas….we will finish up our family's Christmas season the end of January when we celebrate with my parents who plan to arrive in Haiti on Jan. 29th.

So I still can hold on to Christmas wishes….for a while.

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