Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday =School, beach, club, meeting....

Supper time after a busy day.

Following breakfast the team and our family [minus Eli who decided to spend the morning doing school] loaded into the truck and headed West.

First visit to the Nazareth church / school complex. As we normally visit on a Saturday teams do not generally get to see the school in session.

They visited several classes as well as the church.

Then we headed down the coast just past the beach to see the Galilee church. And turned around to return to the beach.

A nice sunny day to enjoy the morning at the beach.

Headed back for lunch at the house- rice with either bean sauce or red chicken sauce followed by a bit of rest before sharing with the Fauche Kid's Club.

Club went well with a few children continuing to come right up to the end.

Then some game/sporting fun.

Pastor Denord stopped in to share about his ministry and the work of the northern district.

We prayed with him before he left.

Supper of left overs and some creamed eggs on bread.

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