Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two Day Post and guest blogger !

I could not believe it when we went into the bakery. They did everything by hand, which is not normal by american standards. The whole inside did not have any light except for one man with a flashlight and the light coming through the windows.

 The oven they had is one like you would see back in the old days. They baked with fire in a large oven. That was a very interesting thing to see, but what was more interesting was going to the market itself.

Thinking about all the pictures that you see of the poverty in Haiti and how "bad" the country is that was kind of what market looked like.

 Comparing to anything in America it really reminded me of Shipshawana. They had their little tin roofed "stalls" in which they were selling everything from under ware to machetes to fruits and vegetables.

It was difficult to take it all in especially when they are speaking in a foreign language. The funniest part was probably when this man with a turkey was following us around thinking that we wanted to buy the turkey.

The coolest thing to see and understand, even with the language barrier, was the relationships between the vendors. They would talk back and forth and joke around.

It was hard to take in all the garbage that would be something that we would not tolerate in American culture. This is something that they deal with every day.

We take so much for granted in america without realizing it. This is not to say that the Haitians were upset about their situation .... Bethany

The rest of this blog ended up being lost when we had trouble down loading.

Dealt with some office business before lunch [pizza, coleslaw and fried breadfruit]. Afternoon consisted of Dr. Winick talking, a garden tour, some visiting and prayer with the Kid's Club leaders and the kids.

Becca offered to take some family pictures so we fit that in too. Supper. Sharing. Starting to pack.

Eli wore a Habitat for Humanity shirt only to find out that Sandy works at that very location.

As this post would not post last night I'll add a bit.

The team will finish up packing and head to the airport at 10 this morning.

Cory will clear some banana plants coming in today on the MFI plane through customs and then get them to the MAF charter plane to LaGonave.

Nice that this worked out with getting the team to the airport to return to the USA on that same MFI plane. They will overnight in Orlando tonight and head back to their homes on Friday.

Thankful they took the time, effort and money to visit us and share a week getting to know us better and getting to see a little bit how the Lord is working in many areas on the Fauche campus and in Northern Haiti.

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