Monday, November 11, 2013

Friendship Monday

First I'd like to say 'Hi' to the new folks reading this because they know someone on the Friendship team. Welcome. You can be proud of your team.

Today after a good breakfast and hanging a second load of laundry we broke into two groups.

The idea originally formed to try to make the walking easier on those with bad knees, ankles etc. but we think that the two leaders may have switched the teams.

Well everyone returned in one piece so it worked out.

My group contained 4 team members, myself and Theodor.

Our first two house visits occurred due to a motorcycle accident last night which put one man in bed and scrapped up the second. Both were thankful to be alive.

The visits consist of us being welcomed and often being offered a seat.

Then we would sing a song in Creole, number 5 which we copied for the team before heading out.

[At one house the young lady burst out laughing during our I guess we did make a joyful noise anyway! And laughter helps health so...]

Then Theodor and anyone else in the house who knew Psalm 100 recited it.

After hearing the prayer requests, a team member would pray in English to be followed by a prayer in Creole.

We offered a Creole tract and asked if we could take a picture, making it clear that they could say

no, as a few did.

On returning to the campus the team did a bit of shopping in the gazebo.

Lunch consisted of Haiti's traditional Independence Day, January 1st meal of pumpkin soup accompanied by fried sweet potatoes and some coconut cassava bread.

This afternoon after a time of rest activities consisted of: painting down at the school and Child Surviver Project, visiting the adult literacy classes, Eli received a hair cut, Hershey a bath, water filtered and laundry folded. I even found a bit of time to work on the book.

Providing we do not get a big rain tonight will head out to the beach tomorrow morning [because we did not fit it in on Saturday] and then a Kid's Club in the afternoon.

A short update about our adoption can be found here: 

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