Saturday, November 9, 2013

Team Day Two

Supper almost on the table after an interesting day.

Pastor Doucet stopped in before breakfast to chat with us and more specifically Cory about plans he has for agricultural projects.

The team spent part of this morning finishing up their paint job in the dinning hall. They took a short break to come up and check out some Haitian art and baskets made by Pastor Philip.

Cory and I headed for Mme. Emmanuel Lorient's funeral about 10:30 a.m. stopping by the family's home to pick up some of the people heading to the funeral.

The funeral started at 5 minutes after 11. The Port Margot church continued to fill up until people ended up standing along the walls. We enjoyed 11 special music numbers including 2 band pieces.

Very touchingly her immediate family sang one of the songs, husband, sons, daughters, siblings...

Also touching was her son giving the history of her life. His wife stood by his side in support and toward the end he started to get very emotional and his brother made his way up front to stand on his other side in support.

While we attended the funeral the Eli and Anna took care of getting a lunch of left overs on for the team. Some spent time practicing their Creole while helping children with English.

Those of us who know what an earthquake feels like and were inside this afternoon felt a small one that must of been very close to directly under us as our alarm went off after it finished. Those outside did not notice it.

A couple of the team when on a walk to see if they could find a Coke. I know they did find some pop and overpaid, blessing the elderly salesman. Banana flavor was the best of those they bought.

With tomorrow being Sunday we also worked on some of tomorrow's meal preparations. Tonight we plan to enjoy breadnuts, tuna noodle casserole and bread pudding.

And it just started to rain so if this is posted later...not my fault. Keep praying. 

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