Friday, November 8, 2013

Friendship Team Full Day 1

Team arrived yesterday afternoon after lunch in Cap Haitian and then a visit to a mission along the way.

Will need to let Cory or one of the team report on that as I've not heard a full report.

We settled them in to their rooms and shared some information before supper time.

Supper consisted of chicken potpie and cookies but what most folks liked the best was Cory's passionfruit jam on fresh bread. Devotions and then bed.

After breakfast we took a short tour of campus ending up in the school's dinning room. After a short hydration break the team went back and cleaned the walls and doors. Eli, Anna and I worked on a bit of school / books.

Lunch of Haitian rice and beans with chicken vegetable sauce and fried sweet potatoes. We ended our meal with great coconut, brown sugar candy.

This afternoon the team started to paint the dinning room transforming it from a medium dark green to a light tan color.

 A few helped with lunch dishes and making spaghetti for supper as we will let our cooks attend services for Mme. Pastor Emmanuel's funeral tonight and late tomorrow morning.

 Will also be enjoying fresh fruit salad [banana, orange, grapefruit, pineapple and passionfruit] and brownies.

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bnuts4hm said...

Thanks for hosting our team! Thanks for the posts and updates. You all and the team are in our prayers! Pastor Kevin, Friendship