Sunday, November 10, 2013

Friendship guest blogger.

Welcome from beautiful, wonderful Haiti.  Our time on the Island has been incredible.

 Today was our first time to a Haitian service.  Being someone born and raised in the US, it was my first service in a different language. 

 Being unable to understand and translate, I simply tried to sing along in the original languages. 

 I was constantly reminded throughout the service of how God knows every language. 

 Once I began to realize that, it was not important what was being said or what I could hear from our translator, Kris.  

Throughout the rest of the service which did include some amazing special songs, it was just me and God sharing some incredible moments inside.  

Once the service ended, there was a special communion service for church members.  All of the songs were hymns that we recognized, and the first one we sang, I and Jason sang what we could remember. 
 It was Nothing but the Blood.  

Hearing the song in at least two languages really made our future in Heaven so real.
  It was a truly blessed service.

In the afternoon, we did our first session with the kids using the book. 

 It was amazing to see the interaction between our interpreters and the kids.  

Although some may have not understood the train, I really believe that the kids understood the message.  

I really enjoyed our time with the children and saw such passion in those who work with the kids on a continual basis.  

This has been an incredible and wonderful day.  I am so thankful God has allowed me to come on this trip.

with a thankful heart,

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