Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shopping for the team.

Something interesting happened today as Cory shopped at market.

First let me tell you how thankful I am that the Lord provided me with a man who shops! Growing up Mom went grocery and clothes shopping while Dad did some of the farm shopping although many times Mom ended up doing that shopping as well.

I rarely shop. I buy books and make lists for Christmas and birthdays and suggestions for items but the vast majority of the actual buying falls on Cory's shoulders. He's a great comparison shopper and a professional when it comes to E-bay.

[Both of our mother's use him to shop for gifts for Eli and Anna as well!]

Loving fruits as he does they catch his eye easily in market and today he watched carefully as we want to give the team as many taste experiences as possible during their one week visit.

Then it happened! There in the market place he saw a very large, long bunch of bananas. The bunch, Cory guesses was about 5 foot long and contained 15 hands of bananas.

This type is a cooking banana used for boiling or frying.

Genner pointed it out saying "25" recognizing the banana was a 'FHIA-25' before Cory did. Calling the merchant over she confirmed that she'd received the banana plant at the Port Margot Wesleyan Church from Cory.

This is the type Cory ordered when he bought from the Dominican Republic a few years ago but most ended up being regular or hybrid plantain cooking bananas.

Two other merchants bought parts of the bunch to divide into hands and resell.

Cory also heard another shopper asking what kind of banana produced such a large bunch of bananas.

The successful shopping trip means our team will have fruit [passion fruit, grape fruit, sweet oranges, avocado] and vegetables to eat this weekend. They should arrive tomorrow on the MFI plane about noon. Cory will met them, take them to lunch at a restaurant in Cap Haitian [orders placed before hand so they hopefully do not need to wait for an hour+ for their meal]. T

Then the drive to Fauche during which they plan on stopping in to see another mission that the Friendship Church supports. Meanwhile the kids and I will work on our studies and make sure that their clean and prepared rooms await.

P.S. For those following our adoption blog and praying we found out today that one cannot track the I-600a form like you can other forms. So will continue to wait.

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