Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Two days till the Friendship Team!

A good thing about living in an area where most people depend on the daylight hours and not a clock to set schedules is that you can adjust to daylight savings time slowly.

Meaning while our clocks read the right time we continue to get up and go to bed closer to the 'old' time than the new and it really doesn't cause any problems.

We can download before 7 a.m. without it counting against our 24 hour bandwidth limit therefore the last couple mornings it has been easier to take advantage of the 'free' time.

Lots of activity on campus with school, preparing for our team's arrival on Thursday as well as Pastor Emmanuel's family preparing for visitors coming for Mme Pastor's funeral on Saturday.

Yesterday we checked out the guest house and started the clean up. With the team from the USA and guests for the funeral we anticipate every bed will be full on Friday night.

We also checked out the possible team project of painting the school's dinning hall. Praying that good paint can be purchased in the next couple of days so that the team can work on this project on Friday and Saturday.

Two Kid's clubs visits lined up while we wait to hear about other possible locations.

 The 'ambulance', more accurately the campus vehicle,  now boasts a good spare tire ready to help transport the team along with our truck. With our weather starting to turn cooler and rainy it will be good to be able to let everyone sit inside if necessary.

Cancelled French this week due to the extra cleaning Eli and Anna needed to complete but they continue to study by Rosetta Stone while I'm focussing more on my Family Practice boards study for next spring.

Pictures from last week. Cory visited a chicken project connected to the school, church, clinic project where we worked. I did not get to see the chickens.

These are being raised for meat not eggs. This can be difficult as every so often in our area the chickens get sick and the population drops drastically. They are working to keep them healthy.

 Some of the plants Cory donated. They should primarily be used to directly feed people and can also be used for animal feed. The branches are of Chaya and Moringa to plant as cuttings, the easiest way to get started fast. Just poke a hole in the ground with a digging bar (pointed, inch wide iron bar) and plant the 1-2 foot long stick.

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