Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday and newsletters.

A hazy day with little breeze as we head into lunch time. School children's voices mix with the singing birds though out campus.

Saturday we celebrated Cory's birthday with a special treat of hamburgers and hot pudding chocolate cake. He tried out his gift of spicy Haitian catchup and enjoyed spending most of the day playing video games with the children. I now realize that during the low key celebration we never took out the camera!

Monday after school, French class, and supper we joined as a team in an attempt to prepare all our newsletters for the mail. Cory had worked with the printer the best he could and managed to get some nicely colored newsletters for the churches but soon the colors started to get funny and in time he gave up and finished the printings in black and white.

Because of the problems and cost of mailings we also added a note to most of the newsletters asking folks to send us E-mail addresses if they would like to receive our newsletters electronically.

We did manage to complete the task albeit after normal bed time and correcting about 20 envelopes that somehow were sealed with no newsletter inside. Glad to check that job off this week's to-do list.

I asked a few folks for prayers as well over the weekend to pray for the Creole health book as I felt like a roadblock prevented me from working on that project. I'm thankful to report in the last couple of days I spent time on the index and am now starting on the M's!!

Anna's dog Hershey continues to do OK after last week's injury although he's lost part of his upper lip.

Yesterday our pastor's daughter came to the door with a piece of mail for us that found it's way to the school. This would be our first time to receive a piece of mail though the Haitian mail service. The letter concerned our adoption paperwork but the department already located us via E-mail.

The rest of the week looks normal: school, studies, books, planting some dragon fruits, cleaning the guest houses for the month, correspondence, office work.

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