Friday, October 18, 2013

Request a newsletter.....and a book suggestion.

A slightly cooler start to the morning with hazy sunshine filtering through the palm fronds in our yard.

If any of you did not receive a copy this week of our latest newsletter either by E-mail or snail mail please let us know and we'll send you a copy.

 From an encouraging friend
"Great job on the newsletter. looks great and chok full of news.  Love it!"

Dragon fruit plants planted and our friends in St. Marc area tasted their first fruit this week. Looking forward to trying our own fruits and sharing with our friends and neighbors.

 Photo of Annatto or "lipstick bush", a source of natural food coloring.

I'm now in the "S" section of  the Konsey book index. Cory finished up editing the medical section yesterday, which means only the small section of nutrition, plants and spiritual advice remains for this book.

Interesting article concerning Haiti's child slaves. But we can not help but wonder how they arrived at the numbers of children? How does one start to count children slaves in the smaller villages or even in the bigger cities?

Cory arranged for a short trip to Gonaives early next week to help teach a permaculture class and share some plants. Then on Thursday we will all travel to Cap Haitian to join a medical team from the USA for a week of translating.

Anna's dog Hershey's mouth healed OK. He now looks like he's sticking out his tongue due to a loose flap of lip under his nose.

Read a very interesting new book this week that I would like to suggest for any one who is or knows a missionary, pastor or person in ministry. After 15 years here we know that finishing well can be very difficult. The book says only 1/3 of people will finish well and we've sadly seen many people who leave Haiti or their full time ministry broken and very hurt.

I hope that if you do not already pray for our family that you would consider joining our prayer team because we want to finish well but know that we cannot do so with our own strength but need the Lord's help and the help of His people to finish well.

I think this book outlines many of the dangerous pitfalls that trip people up and will open people's eyes, giving very specific areas that you can pray about in support of your friends in ministry. You can play an important role in keeping ministry families healthy, effective and able to finish well.  Maybe you want to go beyond praying and be the 3 a.m. friend. [The friend who is available 24/7 and will take the risks to ask the hard questions that need asking]

Not saying you need to (cick here) buy Spiritual Danger of Doing Good by Peter Greer but, adding the link so you can read more about it or the reviews.

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