Friday, October 11, 2013

Home again!

Afternoon thunder rumbles over the mountain, will see if I can write this before the storm clouds move closer and we need to unplug all electronics and turn off the inverter system.

Thankfully I can report that nothing unusual occurred on our trip back north last week Wednesday! We made three quick stops: friends to drop off bilimbi seeds, the gas station and a fruit stand.

Unpacked, greeted the pets, organized, supper and bed completed our day.

We decided not to have formal school but both children did a bit of school work. I worked on my to-full inbox, laundry, and wrote a newsletter.

This week we focused on school, restarted French classes, office work, Cory traveled to Cap Haitian [shopping, cargo, mail, and a agricultural visit], he also made two trips to Port Margot for charcoal dust for his new dragon fruit plants, printing newsletters....

I started to put time in daily for my family practice boards review [I plan to take the test in April] and Eli started to take the SAT practice tests.

Very green right now with rain all most every afternoon or evening. Hot and muggy during the day. Hershey, Anna's dog received a severe cut to his upper and lower lips and a second dog on campus to her shoulder making everyone think that the cuts were intentionally by a machete. Thankfully Hershey continues to eat and act ok.

Tuesday when Cory traveled to Cap Haitian we did not know that the banks and schools would be closed to remember the death of King Christoph. Thankfully Cory carried enough cash for shopping and so the bank delay will not be a problem.

Enjoyed this orchid blooms this week! 

Thunderstorm passed so will try to post this now. Anna out playing volleyball, Eli playing soccer and Cory printing newsletters.

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Missus Wookie said...

Sounds like a good reentry. Thanks for flowers - on a grey rainy morning in London I'm always happy to see flowers :)