Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Start Academy back in session.

The first day of school went as expected: good.

We started our school year with pictures and prayer.

Desks needed some arranging and some books needed to be located.

Please pray that we find the missing biology textbook before Anna falls behind. We know Eli used it therefore it must be in this house but despite looking in the boxes of school books where it should be it remains hidden at this time.

Cory spent most of the morning getting our printer up and running in-between talking to folks who came to the door.

This week on campus the teachers of younger children will be receiving teachers training which means sharing electricity and trying to pump water in the middle of the day when the solar panels can provided the needed power.

Local schools will start in October so still fairly quiet on campus.

Praising the Lord that Mme. Fanny's son after 5 months in jail finally returned home last week.

Praying for:

  • Mme. Pastor Emmanuel who continues to struggle with major health issues.
  • LaGonave as they prepare for the Sept. 28th new hospital dedication and lots of visitors. 
  • Community as parents and staff prepare for the start of the school year.
  • Finding the biology book
  • That we get an appointment with the US Embassy for our I-600a fingerprints. [It would be great if this could be on the same trip to LaGonave and to renew our visas.]

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