Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Day Home.

Good night's sleep started the recovery from the travel days. I did hear it raining but had no idea until Cory told me that we had 2 inches of rain!

Jean Pierre had bought some food for us including fresh milk for cereal. After breakfast we started to unpack.

In just a couple hours we relocated most of the items into their proper locations including 2 large bags of baby layettes and several boxes of hospital supplies.

The only casualties this trip: two light bulbs out of 50 (for church, school and clinic. They cost about 5 times more here and most are generic, defective, burning out rapidly)  and partial jar of peanut butter. Cory did not consider the consequences when he put a non-bagged jar of peanut butter in the same bag with a very heavy submersible pump which landed on top and cracked the lid.

After a break from packing Eli, Anna and I started to get into school mode by moving some books to new locations to make room for this year's school books. We will start on Monday.

Cory walked through the gardens and reports that the trees and plants look good. A cow did get on campus but did not cause much damage. And no reported robberies while we were gone.

We did notice that the cell tower no longer stands on the ridge. The company no longer provides cell phone service in Haiti. No one knows yet what will become of the building.

In the afternoon Cory and I and most of our neighbors attended the funeral of a  young man that two different teams prayed for on home visits. The Warsaw team prayed with his sister when he was getting his diagnosis of leukemia and the KCC team prayed with him in April.

The large Port Margot church almost filled up. Pastor Jonas preached how none of us know our expiration date therefore our lives need to be in order at all times. Hughes or "Ig" knew the Lord, was generous, and loved people.

There were several sports teams, all in uniform as well as the brass band and 3 singing groups.

We returned home to a clean house and Anna made us supper before our normal Friday family night time.

I enjoy returning home on a Wednesday or Thursday from big trips as it gives me enough time to unpack, clean and set the house to rights and then have some down time on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy Birthday Dad. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. So glad to know that my family, although not together, will worship and praise our Lord today and thank Him for the multitude of blessings He pours on us and our ministries.

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