Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last Days in the USA

Friday night we hosted Todd's children for the night. Lots of laughs and calories burned as we all danced to a video game. Good to tire children out before a sleep over.

Saturday morning the fun continued until all three generations of my family headed to the local county fair as members of my family have done for generations. After checking out the fair: animals barns and sitting though part of the 4-H sheep show we enjoyed one last meal together for this trip, Mexican.

Then  the good-byes started. Sigh.

Sunday we joined Cory's folks and headed off to connect with our partners at West Berlin Wesleyan Church.

Answered questions during Sunday school while Eli and Anna presented to the children.

Then we presented our pictures and stories during church ending up the morning with a good potluck lunch!

After loading up our items we headed to a park to enjoy the afternoon reconnecting with the team who visited this spring from Kentwood Community Church.  This team included Cory's mom, sister and niece. So again lots of laughter and fun between the cousins and 3 generations. Then more good-byes.

Once home we visited with a few more family members who dropped in to chat and say good-bye.

Monday: packing, laundry, cleaning, E-mail update, thank you notes, organization, haircut for Eli, and the arrival of our legalized dossier Dossier Done.

Today will finish packing, return library books, clean, send our adoption dossier to the agency, charge electronics and say more good byes.

Tomorrow our day will start at about 3 a.m. for those who can sleep. Airport #1 by 4:30 with departure scheduled for 6:30. If all goes according to Plan A we should be landing in Port-au-Prince [airport #5] with all our baggage about 4:30 p.m.

We plan to overnight at Irvine's which will cut off over 1 hour from our drive to the north. Lord willing we should be pulling into home on Thursday afternoon.

[Sorry, didn't remember the camera on Sunday.]