Friday, September 6, 2013


Cory spent time yesterday on the road and shopping.

First he and chauffeur Eli headed north to Grand Rapids to ship our translated dossier to the Haitian consulate in Chicago for legalization, and while there Cory shopped while Eli waited with a good book in the car.

While they did this Anna and I cleaned.

 I continued to work on improving the Creole health book.

My mom joined us to help check that all needed dossier copies have all the pages they need. Received a phone call from the orthodontist's office requesting we stop in if at all possible before we return to Haiti.

For those who may not spent much time with Anna I need to tell you that she enjoys games and competitions so she used her math to guess the number of MM's in the jar game.

Yes, with logic, counting and multiplying her application of using math in real life resulted in the sweet reward of over her guess of 1200 MM's [the total was 1228].

Cory drove her to pick up her jar and then they shopped a bit more.

Grandpa and Anna spent some time watching the Allegan high school volleyball team. Anna enjoyed practicing with the 9th graders.

So counting papers, counting MM's, counting bags, counting down days...

Still a few memory making moments before take off: having cousins overnight, county fair, church visit, KCC team gathering, and the good-byes.

Since college I've journaled from time to time so today thinking about our move to Haiti almost 15 years ago I located the journal from that time. I started on Eli's 1st birthday Sept. 3rd, 1998.

  • Sept. 4   Had 7 of 8 bags packed.
  • Sept. 6  Commissioning Service in Allegan
  • Sept. 7  Packing done. Rest of items in storage.
  • Sept. 8  Eli's first flight to Fl. 
  • Sept. 9th. ECHO visit for trees and plants. Cory's mom joined us in Fl.
  • Sept. 10th Haiti. Home on LaGonave!

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